Artist Statement Line Art Project

Line Art Project

Anna Vander Pol

This is my line art project for my Intro to Visual Arts class. This project reminds me of winter because of the colors I used. I named my work Ice because of the variety of blues that I used. I used different shading and coloring techniques to give my art project depth. Apart from having to do this project for a grade as part of this class, I was inspired by the shapes and designs from around the classroom and school. I tried to show my emotions by doing cool (cold) colors to show the upcoming fall and winter months and the days getting cooler. I think that this looks a little bit like a close up snowflake and so I tried to match my colors to fit that. I learned from this art project that making patterns can be a fun way to express ideas and honestly just draw whatever. I like this final piece because although it seems pretty simple, the idea of it being a snowflake and the upcoming winter months is kind of cool in my opinion. I wasn’t very excited to do this project at first, but after letting my ideas get down on paper and I started drawing, it actually was pretty fun and neat to see what I could create. From now on, I will keep an open mind like I did with this project and everything should be fun to do for the rest of the semester.

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